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Our theme is a simple, common sense approach to health and healing. So talk of enzymes might suggest a move away from that simple approach. This is not the case. We need to know about enzymes and how vital they are to proper digestion and nutrition. We need to learn about enzymes, just as we need to know and learn about the fact that the Government is aiding and abetting the food and drug producers to slowly poison us. A thoughtful, commonsense approach to the reality of the nation’s lack of good health will quickly justify this “conspiracy” statement. No nation, with access to all the knowledge we have, can get this sick by accident.

Enzymes do a lot more than help to digest food. They facilitate many of the trillions of chemical reactions that occur in our bodies each day. We pretty much cannot live without them. Most of the raw foods we eat come with their own built-in enzymes that help us to digest them. Our digestive enzymes play an essential role in the digestion of all the food we eat. Metabolic enzymes assist in the repair of cells, in the absorption of oxygen, in the breakdown of toxins and a host of other processes. But our bodies have a limited capacity to produce enzymes and this capacity declines with age.

The Standard American Diet is about 90% processed foods. Processed foods contain virtually no enzymes. The human body is designed to process real food, and is simply incapable of digesting this volume of processed foods. The emergence of processed foods in the early 20th century also marks the emergence of most “modern diseases”. There are no coincidences in nature. But there is cause and effect. And, thankfully, there is also the good news. There are simple solutions to this problem.

One solution is to ask that the Designer improve the human body’s capacity to produce enzymes, thus creating an enzyme-on-demand system. How did He miss this? This simple solution would enable the body to digest all the processed food with which it could gorge itself. This is the “prayer solution”.

Another simple solution is to radically reduce the amount of processed foods in the diet. This is the “commonsense solution” and is by far, the more difficult, even though human kind lived for hundreds of years in relatively good health, before processed foods. Most other options will result in your permanent membership in Big Pharma’s “Drug  America”, from which, like the Mafia, the usual way out is in a pine box..  A simplistic example will help to clarify.

Assume that your body produces 12 enzymes to digest 16 ounces of real, good food and you lunch on a 16oz. meal containing 4oz. of real, good food.  That is more than twice the real, good food in the SAD lunch. Your body produces 3 enzymes to digest 4oz of this meal and 12oz. of partially digested processed food struggles through your system. The immune system will chip in to help with the 12oz of partially digested processed food, but will not work as well as the enzymes since it is more of an attack system than a facilitator. At two meals daily, in two years, 17,520oz of partially digested processed food will have struggled through your digestive system. This is more than five times your body weight if you weigh 200lbs. The resultant stress on both the digestive and immune systems produces everything from mild depression to years of prolonged illness or early death. 

It is universally accepted that in Big Pharms’a “Drug America”, there are drugs for all   symptoms and ailments arising from the steady ingestion of processed foods. In fact some simple human traits, like shyness, are being elevated to “disease” status and in “Drug America” there is a cure for that too. Hence your permanent membership! Pay no attention to unconfirmed rumors that memberships have been suspended or terminated when health insurance runs out.

What enzymes have to do with all this is that they help strengthen and maintain the healing force within the body, thus preventing the problems from starting in the first place. It is the body that heals itself. The Medical Industry once thought emphasis on prevention was an admirable philosophy until Big Pharma instructed them of the error of their ways and unprofitability of this approach.

Things that begin well have a better chance of ending well than things that do not. The enzymes in your saliva ensure that digestion begins well. That is why chewing properly is so important. Driving to work and stuffing breakfast or lunch into your face is unbelievably stupid and inconsiderate. Taking the time to chew and enjoy your meal is  the easiest and cheapest of all the things you can do to reduce weight and maintain health. Yet, there is resistance to doing such simple things. Maybe it’s an ego thing.

The great warrior Naaman was angered when the prophet told him to simply bathe in the Jordan in order to be healed of his leprosy. 2Kings 5:1-10. But, with some persuasion, he simply bathed and was healed.  Simply chew your food properly and improve your health. Be aware however, that all the chewing in the world will not help much if you are chewing on processed food.

Enzymes are extremely delicate and become useless, denatured, when exposed to extreme heat or cold. When foods are processed, their enzymes become useless from exposure to heat and/or cold. Even bugs are reluctant to eat the remnants of food after it is processed, hence the amazing shelf life of processed foods. Getting nutrients from what is left of food after processing is about as easy as getting the iron your body needs by chewing on a rusty nail. After the success of fluoride, the wonder drug that “prevents cavities” and kills rats, it is surprising that the Ad Industry has not convinced the American Dental Association to, “Nail down your iron, we’ll replace your enamel.” Here is an interesting quote from Dr. Hardy Limeback, PhD and president of the Canadian Assoc. for Dental Research. “Here in Toronto we’ve been fluoridating for 36 years. Yet  Vancouver which has never fluoridated has a cavity rate lower than Toronto’s….The vast majority of all fluoride additives come from Tampa Bay, Florida smokestack scrubbers. The additives are a toxic byproduct of the super-phosphate fertilizer industry.” So much for fluoride and its cavity preventing capability! 

There is a saying that knowledge is power. But there is no power in knowledge that is not used. The knowledge that enzymes can help you regain and maintain your health is powerless unless you consume enzymes. The knowledge that processed food is toxic and will kill you is powerless unless you begin to eliminate processed foods from your diet. Most people are born with the ability to use their common sense. Yet most abandon this gift and place their trust and their health in the hands of “experts” as presented by the “corporate media”.  Such misplaced trust would be mind-boggling in a science fiction fairy tale.  

How did the Nation become so gullible? Maybe it’s the drugs we consume. Check out, “Free Credit!” Oxymoron! Check out, “The American Dream!”  Nightmare for most! Check out, “Justice for All!” …Who can afford it! Check out “Fluoride for tooth decay!” Industrial waste toxin! This list is endless!  

Unlike the liars at the FDA who claim that only drugs can cure disease, most honest people know that the body heals itself. Nutrition is a vital component of healing. Enzymes are a vital component of nutrition. If your diet is enzyme deficient your body will be health deficient. So simply decreasing the amount of enzyme-void processed foods in your diet will automatically and dramatically improve your health. And you can do this without the experts. 

Check out the power of enzymes. They are truly amazing and life sustaining and the reason is simple. It is the “life force” in good food that sustains life and health. Enzymes make this “life force” available to every cell in your body. Processing food removes this “life force”… for profit! Enzymes “cure” at the cellular level. So start eating all the raw foods and vegetables and fruits you can. Start preparing your own meals and eat less and less of the garbage from restaurants and supermarkets. Your life and your health depend on it.

Take care.



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