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Enzymes, a cure for obesity and cancer? No one knows for sure. There are dozens of cures for obesity and cancer that have worked for hundreds of people. No one cure seem to work for everyone. But the consensus is that there is a cure for everyone, you just have to keep searching until you find it.

But even better than a cure is Prevention, and enzymes seem to be involved in both the cure and the prevention. What exactly are enzymes? They are facilitators, they help make things happen. There are thousands of enzymes in your body and they are essential to life. There are enzymes in the raw foods you eat and enzymes that your body makes, digestive and metabolic enzymes. The absence of enzymes can lead to obesity, cancer and a host of other ailments.

The digestive enzymes that are secreted into your stomach are the subject of much research, but not by main stream medicine. That’s because the goal of main stream medicine, like any business, is self-preservation and profit, a profit for which your lack of good health is essential. And since this profit is ever increasingly being achieved it is unlikely that the system will ever be fixed even though it is one of the leading causes of death in America. The quicker you can remove yourself from this system, the safer and healthier you will be.

Past and current research seem to indicate that enzymes are involved in preventing and curing a number of ailments, including arthritis, autism, cancer, heart disease and others. The exact mechanism by which this works is not yet clear to the dedicated scientists who diligently search for answers. But the logic is simple. Enzyme deficiency leads to an overworked immune system and undigested food rotting in the colon. This in turn leads to toxins in the bloodstream and inflammation wherever blood flows. Inflammation is the body’s healing response to some kind of trauma, but it quickly becomes an ailment itself if not timely terminated. Chronic inflammation precedes many, if not most ailments. Therefore, by whatever mechanism, enzyme sufficiency maintains good health.

Of course this logic assumes that the body is a whole unit of totally interdependent parts. That it is not an aggregation of miscellaneous and sometimes non-essential parts which can be drugged and or severed to increase the efficiency of the whole. The “slash and burn” approach of main stream medicine, though profitable, is unhealthy, meddlesome and disingenuous. For instance, there is overwhelming evidence that soda crap is bad for your health. It is a major component in the nation’s health decline. Yet no one in main stream medicine is demanding or even suggesting that soda crap should be treated at least like cigarettes, removed from all schools, not sold to minors, warning labels for pregnant and nursing mothers and the like. So much for their good intentions!

Pardon the digression, it stems from a need to remind you that you are primarily responsible for your health and that no one comes a close second. You cannot maintain health while eating 90% of the stuff available in the average grocery store. Most of this stuff is not real food. It’s not even a food-wanna-be. It’s a food look alike! Cooked, pasteurized and processed foods contain no enzymes. Raw foods, fruits, nuts, vegetables all contain enzymes. There can be no digestion and therefore no nutrition without enzymes. If most of the food you eat has no enzymes, you will develop an enzyme deficiency and the attendant health problems. Your options are to eat well or get sick. It is better to eat well.

A healthy lifestyle must include a healthy diet which must include raw foods, fruits, nuts and vegetables. A standard excuse, especially from fast food connoisseurs, is that these enzymes rich foods do not taste good. This is really a testament to ignorance, since most of these people have tasted few, if any, of these foods. Forgotten also is the fact that almost all our food tastes are acquired. We can all easily acquire a taste for other good foods.

In keeping with our time-saving and speed centered society, the many advantages of properly chewing food has been thoroughly ignored. Chewing food properly is both economically and environmentally advantageous. It is a scientifically proven fact that people eat less when they take the time to chew food properly. That means spending less on food. That means more food available for the nation and the world. On a more personal note, digestion begins in the mouth. The amylase enzyme in your saliva predigests starches and the saliva softens the food for its trip to the stomach where the more serious work of digestion continues. Just as frequent oil changes improve and prolong the life of your car engine, so does proper chewing improve your stomach’s ability to digest your food.

Food remains in the stomach for several hours where the churning, strong stomach acids and enzymes convert it into a thick soup and prepares it for final digestion and absorption in the small intestine. The essential activity of the digestive enzymes within the small intestine breaks down the soup into tiny particles which are absorbed into the blood stream. The journey of the tiny particles that become the life force of each cell in the body begins in the small intestine. With the absorption of the nutrients, the process of digestions ends and all is well. The now nutrient-void soup is passed into the large intestine, where the water is reabsorbed into the body and bacterial activity converts the rest into fecal matter to be excreted. This fecal matter is nasty, toxic stuff. Remember that the next time your doctor tells you it’s alright for it to sit and accumulate inside you, meal after meal, for three or more days.

Unfortunately, things do not always go well. There are not enough enzymes in the small intestine to breakdown the soup into tiny particles. Large particles of enriched soup pass into the large intestine. The bacteria there feast on the nutritious soup and flood the bloodstream with toxins. And death begins. The immune system and the overworked liver begin to fail and one or more opportunistic ailments take hold.

These ailments are not caused by a deficiency of any Big Pharma drug so why reach for one first? In many cases reducing your stress, eating a healthy diet which means reducing the poisons and fake foods you purchase from grocery stores and restaurants and supplementing with good, absorbable vitamins, minerals and enzymes will resolve many of your health problems. It is often advisable to seek the assistance of a good alternative practitioner. And it is probably helpful to keep in mind that your health goal and the goal of any for profit health business, especially a large one, are incompatible. Regardless of what the politicians and the Media claim, the reality is that this country has returned to a Buyer Beware style of business. So beware! And take care.




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